Request and manage graphic design services, in a single click

Make the design requirements that your company needs. The entire process from the same web application. No designing, no searching, no worrying about designers.

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We facilitate your graphic design needs

Tired of reprocessing, delivery delays, lack of information management, and poor communication between client and designer? Don't spend more time and money designing, searching or dealing with designers and agencies.

Request the designs you require, review and download them as you need them, and at the specified times. Be in control of your design pieces from the start.

All the info. In one single place

The entire process will be centralized on the platform.

Simplified process

Focus only on preparing, requesting and reviewing designs. We willl take care of the rest.

Flexible feedback

Review and annotate directly on your designs, until you are 100% satisfied.

Express yourself your way

Follow a certain flow. Use text, voice and/or video, and attach your files/references.

Continuous monitoring

Have more transparency. View the status of your projects. From beginning to end.

Collaborate with your team

Review and manage projects hand in hand with your team.

What is AtomicLab?

Web platform that allows you to request your design requirements. From start to finish you will be able to carry out the entire process within the same place.


Request the graphic design services that best suit your needs.

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Check out

Review designs and provide feedback directly on the platform.

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Approve your design when it meets all your expectations and download the final files.

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Request. Check out. Download.

Atomic Lab is created for companies and organizations that want to request and manage their design projects on the same platform.

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Your design needs

What do you want to do today?

Why use Atomic Lab?

There are several reasons to use AtomicLab.

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A better way to communicate

Forget about using Email and WhatsApp. At AtomicLab you will keep track and communicate all your projects in a clear, transparent and organized way. In addition, we seek to have the most efficient communication channel possible between you, your team, and the designers.

Leave voice notes (coming soon)
Send video (coming soon)
Easily organize and search your files and conversations (coming soon)

Greater collaboration with your team

We know how important collaboration on design issues is. For this reason, at AtomicLab your entire team will be able to collaborate jointly on all the design projects they request. In the same place and from start to finish.

Keep your entire team informed, always
Work hand in hand with your team
Generate greater alignment with your team
Colaboración en AtomicLab
Diseñadores en AtomicLab

Stop worrying about looking for designers

Never worry about having to search and select the "best" designer that fits your needs and requirements. Focus only on preparing your project, and on reviewing the different versions that your designer makes.

Work with designers certified by AtomicLab
Your brand assets will remain on the platform
We connect you with expert designers in the type of piece you are going to request


Pick a plan. Keep in mind that regardless of the plan you choose, all of them are charged per project.

Initial Plan
For small teams that only use 1 brand
1 service (Social networks, Infographics or Printing)
1 mark
1 user
1 download
Standard plan
per user, per month
billed monthly
For midsize teams using multiple brands
Everything in the Free Plan, plus:
Normal services
One request at a time
Average delivery of 48 hours
5 brands
Unlimited users
Easy credit card payments
Pause or cancel at any time
Pro plan
per user, per month
billed monthly
For large teams or agencies that use many brands
Everything in Plan B, plus:
Normal services and web design
Two requests at once
Average delivery of 36 hours
Unlimited brands
Unlimited users
Unlimited downloads and all formats
Easy credit card payments
Pause or cancel at any time

Do you need a personalized plan for your company?

If you can't find a plan that fits the needs of your company or organization, you can contact us.

Prices per project

Each project has a base cost and parameters (times, formats, revisions, sizes, editable files) that you can choose depending on your needs.

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Web design

Frequently asked questions in design

What is graphic design and what does it include?

Graphic design is a design process that combines text and graphics in a way intended to communicate a specific message. We can also define it as a form of expression and at the same time the reality of a whole. It is part of visual communication and ultimately is creativity and art made conscious.

What tasks does a graphic designer perform?

In addition to turning a client's vision, brand image, and value proposition into a reality on a graphic display, a designer will perform many special tasks as part of a graphic design project. Specialty tasks include collaborating on the concept (usually with a team), attending project meetings, providing customer service, giving presentations explaining the various potential designs, reviewing designs, and preparing project files for others on the team. and for customer use.

What is the job of a Graphic Designer?

Clearly communicate visual messages, responding to specific requirements.

What is the most important thing a DG does?

Fulfill social function. You have to be interested in the people to whom you take your messages. He works to provide daily service, improving the visual noise of the streets, clarifying a procedure with a well-done paperwork, helping from an airplane ticket to breathe with a mask. Everywhere there are pieces of design. All must comply in order to improve the quality of daily life.

Where is graphic design used?

You'll find graphic design in company logos, printed materials such as brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, business cards, billboards, and advertisements. Advances in technology have brought us the digital environment with websites, online advertisements, virtual brochures and presentations, and much more.

What do graphic designers use to create these designs?

Graphic designers can use hand-illustrated designs, as well as computer-aided designs, thanks to a wide range of software with almost endless digital design tools. The availability of software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has become a staple of the graphic designer.

What can a graphic designer do that I can't?

A graphic designer does more than just put their creative skills to work. Although most graphic designers are intuitively creative, they generally spend time studying numerous design principles. But it is not only a theoretical study but rather an inspirational one, seeking inspiration in nature and life itself to increase their creativity.

It is vital to understand how to use design elements to convey the required messages and values, as well as evoke a certain feeling in the viewer. As visual communicators, they take advantage of these design elements and use concepts like color, typography, space, balance, shape, and lines to create their visual message.

Some graphic designers can also understand the more technical aspects of design required to create digital assets for a business.

Is the color that best fits the chosen one?

That's not exactly the case, you see, giving color to your projects is giving them an identity. Color is powerful, communicates personality and influences your audience. Colors generate emotions and are highly associative. It is our duty to use them in favor of the message we wish to convey.

I share my top 3 free websites to generate your color palettes:

In third place: Coolors. It is very simple and intuitive. Imagine placing your initial colors, and with the space key on your keyboard you let Coolors do the rest. It also has an explore section to see palette combinations created by other users.

Second place: Colorhunt. It is a community of creators of color palettes, which is updated daily with new combinations. The platform organizes these combinations by themes and design trends. If you are looking for inspiration, it is the ideal place. It is also very intuitive and also has an App for Android and iOS.

And I give the crown to: Color Adobe It belongs to the Adobe design tools package and for obvious reasons it is the favorite of designers. It is very diverse, its catalogs are doing very well and they have a section to explore palettes according to special themes. The best thing is that you can export the palettes directly to your Adobe programs.

What sensations does each color convey?

Let's take a look at the psychology of color, it will help us better to use it. Color psychology studies how colors affect our behavior and perception on a day-to-day basis. The color in the design influences decisions without us realizing it. Each color transmits sensations and feelings.

Blue transmits: tranquility, confidence, professionalism, calm, stability.
Red: love, strength, passion, danger, desire.
Orange: success, warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, adventure.
Yellow: energy, happiness, joy, innovation, positivity
Green: nature, hope, growth, money, health
Black: elegance, power, mystery, class, formality

How do I use text over image?

Depending on the image, we can solve this in several ways:

Which Adobe program should I use for...?

Every software has a purpose. Use each one for what it is. Every project is different use the one that is appropriate for that project. My advice is learn to use all of them so you can use any one depending on the project.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR: Good for logos, illustration, vectorization, brand identity, and type setting.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Good for photo manipulation, collage, photo editing, digital painting, and content creation.

ADOBE XD (although I personally prefer FIGMA): It is good for prototyping, interactions, structures (wireframes), web design and app design

Don't ask which one is better. Experiment and see which one works best for you.

What is the best process for working with a graphic designer?

Although some designers have their own design process, there are a few key ways that define a good process for working with a graphic designer. Before you approach a graphic designer, make sure you've done some research in terms of whether they're a good match for your project. The best results happen when you and the graphic designer hit it off with great communication and wonderful artistic results.

What is the importance of social networks for companies?

In online marketing, social networks play a crucial role. With these spaces, you can get closer to your customers and better understand their behavior. It is possible to do what is called social listening: listen naturally to what your consumers are saying in their posts and conversations.

Social listening also includes analysis of what has been said about the brand itself, so that the company can adjust its tactics and improve its actions to sell a better image. With each campaign and/or decision, it is possible to visualize the effects on clients in an active listening process in the networks.

Understanding trends can also spark content ideas. The organization has the opportunity to keep up to date and join in the discussions.

In addition, social networks are a way to interact and dialogue directly with people, either in publications or in private conversations.

The brand can build customer loyalty by offering them an attentive, agile, efficient and humanized service. It is feasible to answer questions, offer solutions and better understand the pain of each user.

What social networks should my company be on?

This is a million dollar question. Many companies want to know quickly which networks to invest in, to save time, since there are several. It is a complex question that requires a well-crafted answer.

Initially, your business needs to be where your customers are. For this reason, it is important to know the profile of the people in each network and find out which are the favorite sites of your audience. Thus, you increase the chances of reaching the right contacts by carrying out communication strategies in these spaces.

However, this can be a somewhat limiting answer. You should also look at the nature of your business and its goals with social media. If the focus is to make the most of these channels, then it is interesting to be present in more networks and have an integrated strategy.

If the brand wants to develop a more youthful and informal communication, the presence in the networks is a good way to put it into practice. In these channels, communication with people will be put to the test.

Depending on the level of informality of your communication, you can already filter some network options to focus on, for example: on LinkedIn, companies generally assume a more neutral and formal tone, on Instagram they open up to informality; on Facebook it is very common to use slang and a more humorous tone.

Finally, we should mention that everything depends a lot on tests. In Digital Marketing, testing is essential to know how to adjust the results and in which direction to go. Your company can join a network, start a communication strategy there and then evaluate if the results were good, then you can continue or not with a presence in that channel.

Does Digital Marketing bring quick results?

Another recurring Marketing question is about results. This questioning is fed a lot on social networks, with content created with the keyword "Digital Marketing", but which, in reality, seeks to attract people with fast, bombastic and misleading results.

However, the question is deeper. In general, communication work in digital is long-term. It is a development that will bear consistency and fruit over time, as the results are studied and the strategies are adjusted.

In many cases, you will create a stronger relationship network with customers to build loyalty and impact at the base. So there may not be a quick and direct return, but more people will know about the brand and its reputation.

In this way, it is possible to attract prospects/customers organically with referrals and conversations on social networks. In other words, working with Digital Marketing involves relationships and takes time.

By establishing consistency, the company ensures a strong presence on the web, where consumers are, to get noticed and start attracting people to its offerings. Blogs take time to establish a reference voice, just like social media and email.

It all depends on the nature of the niche itself. There are industries that are characterized by fast customer journeys for an agile sale. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze each specific case.

The truth is that these strategies are, in fact, very profitable. After all, Digital Marketing defines how strategies are made according to the languages used online, updated based on consumer preferences and the innovations of the modern world.

As we have seen, there are many doubts about Digital Marketing, its key concepts, results and how to do it. We broke down the top responses to better understand how to orchestrate a comprehensive strategy that delivers strong results.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any question? We have the answers. If you have other questions, write to us at:

How long do deliveries take?

It depends on the delivery time you choose; standard or express. In standard lead time, projects can take up to 3 business days. While express delivery times we can deliver them to you in a maximum of 1 business day.

What kind of designs can I request?

At the moment you can only request designs related to content from different social networks. However, little by little we are going to increase the number of types of services that you can request. For example design for print, design for stationery, web design/digital content, infographics, presentations, visual identity/branding, logos, icons, illustrations, and much more. Our vision for the future is that at AtomicLab you can have all the design services that your company or organization needs.

Is there a contract?

No! There is no type of contract or hidden charges. You only register, enter your personal profile and that of the company, and request the design requirements you need. You can even cancel or suspend your account at any time and without any penalty.

Who are the designers and where are they located?

We only work with designers certified by AtomicLab. In other words, all our designers go through a rigorous internal process that allows us to know if the person meets the requirements (experience, skills, criteria, qualities, values, mentality, among others) to be an AtomicLab designer. All our designers work remotely in different places in Latam.

How can I communicate with the designers?

During the different phases of your projects you will be able to communicate with your designers easily and quickly. Once your project is assigned to a designer, we connect you directly with him or her through AtomicLab's internal chat (coming soon). Similarly, in the project review phase you can make all the annotations and comments you have and these will be seen by your designer.

How do reviews work?

Within the application (in the review phase) you will be able to make all the comments and annotations that you have directly on the image of the design. Once you have made all your annotations, you click on approve the review, and your designer will be notified and will be able to see your comments.

The number of revisions will depend on your needs. You can choose up to 3 revisions or unlimited revisions. If you choose up to 3 revisions you have the option to buy more revisions if you consider it necessary.

We already have an in-house designer, is AtomicLab useful for us?

Of course! Your designer may not have certain skills or knowledge, or the workload may simply be too high. In this case, AtomicLab can help your designer, and your company in general, ease that burden.

What is the advantage of AtomicLab if I can hire a freelance designer or an agency?

The main advantage is that AtomicLab is 100% digital and the entire process is carried out within the same web application. This means you can submit your design requirements, provide feedback on the different versions, and download the final files - all on the same platform.

If you are going to work with a freelance designer, you may have the following drawbacks: The quality can vary a lot, you will spend time both looking for one and managing them, and there is not much consistency in the work delivered.

If you are going to work with an agency, you will have to quote the services, schedule meetings, sign a contract, constantly communicate with them through different means, among other things.

How does the credit/coin system work?

We will implement this system later.

Who owns the copyright to the designs?

You own and control the intellectual property of all the designs that you are going to request.

Do you have a free trial?

Of course! Once you sign up (for free), your first project you do will be free. This way you can experience first hand how AtomicLab works.

I have an urgent requirement, what should I do?

All your projects that you are going to order have the option of express delivery time. In this way, for an extra value your project will be delivered faster. If this delivery time does not meet your needs and you require it to be delivered even faster, please contact us at

What if I am dissatisfied with the design?

If you chose the unlimited revisions option, you have the opportunity to make all necessary revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the final result. In the event that you are not happy with the different versions that your designer sends you, you will have the option to change the designer to one that best suits your needs.

I have several brands, with a single account can I make the requirements of the different brands?

Of course! With a single account you will be able to add all the brands that your company or organization has, depending on the plan you choose. With the Free Plan you can only add 1 brand, while with Plan B you will have up to 10 brands and with Plan C you will be able to add an unlimited number of brands. When you go to make your request you will have the option to select the corresponding brand.

I am an agency, can I use your services for my own clients?

Of course! We have the option that you can add the different brands of your clients, as long as you choose Plan B (up to 10 brands) or Plan C (all the brands you need).

What types of designs do you do? Why not?

Little by little we are going to add new graphic design services. However, at the moment we are not going to design web pages, applications (UI), or video, or other services that require high complexity. The reason for the above is because we want to focus on doing what we do best, and thus deliver high quality designs.

Can I work with my team?

Of course! At AtomicLab your entire team will have the opportunity to work hand in hand on the different requirements and on the different parts of the design process. For us, collaboration and communication are pillars of our way of operating.

Is AtomicLab for me?

It depends on your needs and requirements. If you are looking for a company that fulfills your company's graphic design needs completely online, then AtomicLab is for you and your team.

How and when do I have to pay?

Select a plan (Free, Plan A, or Plan B) and start a project. When you are going to start a project, each one has a base cost and some parameters that you can choose (delivery time, delivery format, revisions, size, and editable files) and that have associated costs depending on your needs.

Once you register, we recommend entering your credit card.